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[ja] Another Phase

これは何: 35歳の誕生日記念エントリ、かつIETF118の非技術・怪文書パートです1。 先の記事に書いたように、2018年3月にプラハで開かれたW3C Web of Things WGの... Read more

[ja] The Utopia of Rules, インボイス制度、そしてLawful Evilについて

TL;DR David Graeber “The Utopia of Rules” (2016) を読んだのでレビュー/感想の記述をするよ bureaucracyの際限ない拡大は価値... Read more

[en] On "Adult Matters": A Companion Article to "Playing On Data"

Introduction First of all, thank you everyone for reading my third real English article on this ... Read more

[en] Playing On Data: A Japanese Perspective

Introduction In the light of recent discourse on playing DDR on leaked data, it is disheartening... Read more

[en] Fix Missing Firefox Icon in KDE

(This is more of a language-independent tech memo) If your Firefox installation on Ubuntu (Kubun... Read more